We are providing a simple way to earn money. You have to complete your task every day to achieve your goal. We are always available through email and skype. Feel free to contact us for any queries you have.

Rules and Regulation for your daily task are listed below:

  • Every link will contain 4 quizzes. Make sure you complete all of those.
  • Select a different USA server in your VPN after completing 4 quizzes of a link.
  • Once finished a link cannot be reused within 15 minutes.
  • You must use the VIA browser while surveying quizzes.
  • Make sure you do not click anywhere else on the page while you are answering surveys.
  • If you make an accidental click you have to start that survey from the beginning.
  • After completing a link you must clear the data of the VIA browser.
  • You must use different USA servers for every link.
  • Free VPN or country other than the USA is not allowed for surveying links.